First attempt at reupholstery

I received these dining chairs as a hand-me-down, and, while the original fabric had held up shockingly well for its decades of wear, these chairs definitely needed some perking-up to live in my apartment.

When I impulsively hopped over to the fabric store on a lazy Saturday morning, I didn't really consider that this wasn't going to be the simple 'smooth the fabric across the seat of the chair and staple it underneath' reupholstery job I'd witnessed growing up. Instead, I had to remove the fabric from the chair--it started to fall apart as I did so--and have enough intact to create patterns from which I could sew the new cushion covers. Wear and tear, and some original production flaws, made the cushions' pieces slightly different dimensions over the years as well. Another challenge was locating the drilled holes in the fiberboard (hidden within the cushion's filling), and lining them up with the screws on the chairs' backs after the cushion covers were sewn shut.

I may have been pretty glad when this project was complete for more reasons than just a final product to be proud of... but I learned some new questions to ask when embarking on my next project, and it's a joy to see these spruced-up chairs every time I enter my home.